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Ask Moses

Photo Dear Kent State, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed giving you advice for the past two years, and it saddens me to say that this will be my last “Ask Moses” column for the Daily Kent Stater. With that in mind, I really wanted to give some badass advice this week. Rather than answering a reader’s question, I decided to preach from my heart. I’ve evolved quite a bit since my lanyard days, and I’ve learned a thing or two the hard way. These seemingly random dos and don’ts are things that I wish I could have told myself three and a half years ago (though I probably would have rolled my eyes at some know-it-all columnist). I beg you, don’t roll your eyes yet! Just hear me out. Read more...

Music Review

A$AP Rocky performs at the Hollywood Palladium, October 26, 2012. Photo by Robert Gauthier. LongLiveA$AP begins with brooding storm clouds, and ends with Florence Welch chanting you off into the night. Here’s what you get in between: 16 tracks, 17 guest features, over 20 producers, all working for 1 center piece; Rakim Mayers. Read more...

Mixtape of the Week: "Trap God 2" Gucci Mane

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There might not be a harder working man in hip-hop right now than the trap god himself, Gucci Mane. Releasing three mixtapes in one year seems almost impossible, but in 2012 that’s exactly what Gucci did. And when you consider just how damn good each tape was, it’s even more of a surprise. Trap Back, I’m Up, and Trap God were all trap-rap gems, and boasted features from some of the biggest names in hip-hop. Gucci’s latest effort, Trap God 2, comes hot off the heels of the first installment, and is even better than that one.

First, let’s make it clear that Gucci Mane is a trapper first and a rapper second. He’s gone on record multiple times proclaiming this, so if you’re looking for lyrical genius, don’t waste any more time reading this. The topics on Trap God 2, as with any Gucci release, never veer from drugs, sex, money, murder, and more drugs. But what Gucci lacks in lyricism he makes up for with fire beats and a delivery that will make you immediately nod your head along with the track.

The beat selection makes this tape superior to the first installment is. With appearances from some of the biggest producers in hip-hop, there isn’t a bad beat on this mixtape. Zaytoven handles the brooding opener “Big Guwap”, and sets the tone for the remainder of the tape. Lex Luger makes an appearance on the hilarious “When I Was Water Wippin”, a track where Gucci discusses his distaste for young women involved with older men. And Mike Will Made It, arguably the hottest producer today, drops by for “Rich Muthafucka”.

The features don’t disappoint as usual for Gucci. He has recruited some of the hottest in the game for Trap God 2. Lil Wayne helps out on “Bullet Wound” and “Runnin’ Circles”, Wiz Khalifa delivers a great verse on “Nothin’ on Ya”, and Young Scooter, Lloyd, and Waka Flocka Flame all make appearances as well. Perhaps the most exciting features come from Big Bank Black and OG Boo Dirty, two pretty much unknown names that absolutely kill the standout “Squad Car”.

With this mixtape, Gucci Mane has released his fourth above average effort, and proves you don’t need to be the next Tupac Shakur to make great rap music (contrary to popular belief). There’s a time and place for Lupe and Kendrick, and there’s a time and place for the Gucci’s of the rap game as well. There’s many nonsensical, borderline absurd rappers out there, and Gucci Mane happens to be the cream of the crop of this category. Sometimes, it’s nice to listen to a rapper that doesn’t take his lyrics to seriously. Trap God 2 is a fun mixtape: it begs to be played at your next party. Gucci knows this, and wouldn’t have it any other way. All hail the Trap God.

Overall: 7/10

Download These Now: Pistol in the Party, Squad Car, Nothin’ on Ya

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