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Ask Moses

Photo Dear Kent State, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed giving you advice for the past two years, and it saddens me to say that this will be my last “Ask Moses” column for the Daily Kent Stater. With that in mind, I really wanted to give some badass advice this week. Rather than answering a reader’s question, I decided to preach from my heart. I’ve evolved quite a bit since my lanyard days, and I’ve learned a thing or two the hard way. These seemingly random dos and don’ts are things that I wish I could have told myself three and a half years ago (though I probably would have rolled my eyes at some know-it-all columnist). I beg you, don’t roll your eyes yet! Just hear me out. Read more...

Music Review

A$AP Rocky performs at the Hollywood Palladium, October 26, 2012. Photo by Robert Gauthier. LongLiveA$AP begins with brooding storm clouds, and ends with Florence Welch chanting you off into the night. Here’s what you get in between: 16 tracks, 17 guest features, over 20 producers, all working for 1 center piece; Rakim Mayers. Read more...

The Ten Best Songs To Have Sex To

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What gives a song the right to be considered a sex song? That’s a question that’s answer will vary with each person asked. Some would say a smooth-flowing R&B jam does the trick perfectly. Others might like to get it on to a heavier, energetic rock song. For this list, I’ve tried to bring together the best of both worlds for the ultimate sex-song list. So, next time you’re picking some music to set the mood for the night ahead, throw on one of these ten tracks and see what happens.

10Let’s Stay Together-Al Green: Talk about babymaking music. Recorded in 1972, this is old-school R&B at it’s finest. It’s gone on to become one of Green’s most well known tunes, appearing in films like Pulp Fiction and Munich. With it’s smooth production and Green’s soulful falsetto, this is perfect bedroom music.

9Porn Star Dancing-My Darkest Days: As the title might give away, this is a sex song to the core. It’s standard hard rock, and you can get wild to this one no doubt about it. If you can get past the random short verse from Chad Kroeger in the middle of the song, you can definitely have some fun to it.

8Shut It Down-Drake: Drake’s already one of the most successful R&B artists of all time, and it’s songs like this that make that easy to believe. It’s seven minutes of pure sex music, a classic slow-jam where Drake and The-Dream croon about a certain special female. Songs like this are the reason why many have gone far enough as to call Drake the modern day Marvin Gaye.

7High For This-The Weeknd: The Weeknd is Drake’s drugged out cohort, appearing with him on tracks like Crew Love and The Ride. This song from his debut mixtape is a chronicle of a night of getting fucked up with a particular woman and seeing where it will lead. It’s a slow burner until the chorus comes in and rips the beat open, and could lead to one of the best sexual experiences you’ve ever had.

6Touch’N You-Rick Ross: With Usher on the hook and production from Rico Love, the Bawse crafted this sex anthem for his most recent album, God Forgives, I Don’t. It may not be the most original song ever, but it’s a good choice for any late-night playlist.

5Untitled (How Does It Feel)-D’Angelo: You know you’ve got a serious sex song on your hands when the music video is simply the artist standing naked singing to the camera. That’s what the video for this track consists of, and it’s also the reason that D’Angelo went into exile for over a decade. Luckily for those of us that enjoy vintage fuckin’ music, D’Angelo made his return earlier this year and a new album is in the works.

4Wetter-Lil Wayne: Off of Wayne’s now-classic No Ceilings mixtape, this song oozes sexiness. It’s a remix of Twista’s hit song, and it’s one of those rare cases where a remix is better than an original. Just one listen to this song will have almost any female in the mood instantly.

3Any Barry White song, ever.

2Sex On Fire-Kings of Leon: Without a doubt, this is one of the best songs of the past decade and the song that the Kings of Leon are most know for. The heavy bass and overtly sexual lyrics make this a shoe in for this list.

1Let’s Get it On-Marvin Gaye: Is anyone really surprised that this is number one? It’s the most famous sex song of all time, and with good reason. It’s been used in countless films, TV shows and commercials. There simply has never been and never will be another sex song quite like this one.

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